Hello and as you all ready know this page is about skating, well me personally I ride a air walk cruiser and a penny.

Skating can be very hard but all you need to know is how to balance then you just find the most comfortable way to push off and you are riding.

Skating can be very dangerous e.g. I just had a recent accident were I was going down a hill and my board death wobbled and I jumped off started to run and then I tripped. All you need is what to do when this situation comes up. Me, I recommend if your board death wobbles than try to turn it to the side so it slows down or  find grass and go to that if you can’t do any of them just jump of start running as fast as you can because you are moving and if you just jump  off and stand there it will hurt more because your moving and not even getting ready to land so when you are running if you fall make sure you don’t put your hands in front of you and turn so that you are coming down on your shoulder and try to roll it will hurt a bit but less than usual.

So I hope you ride skateboards and if you don’t, then try and I hope you got some tips from me.